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Bushra by Buddha-Bar: Where Cultural Fusion Ignites Gastronomic Magic

Step into the alluring world of Bushra by Buddha-Bar and immerse yourself in its vibrant ambiance. The open kitchen, a center-stage spectacle, boasts a charcoal grill that ignites a mesmerizing dance of aromas and tastes. As you dine, the air is infused with the captivating essence of perfectly grilled delicacies, reflecting the essence of ancient culinary traditions.

The décor itself is an artful blend of modern elegance and cultural heritage, featuring decorative metallic counters and ambient lighting that create an enchanting atmosphere. The restaurant bar lounge sets the perfect stage for a trendy clientele, with carefully selected music and nightly entertainment adding an extra layer of allure to this unique dining experience.

At Bushra, every dish is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to showcase the finest elements of Middle Eastern, Lebanese & Moroccan cuisine, intertwined with influences from the North African region. Our carefully curated menu, offers a tantalizing array of flavours, textures, and colours, celebrating the richness of the diverse culinary heritage. Whether you are a seasoned epicurean or a curious explorer of new tastes, Bushra promises to take you on a captivating journey of culinary discovery that will linger in your heart and palate long after you bid farewell. 

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